Like a real flame

Elfa Candle

Elfa Candle, based in Belgium, is a European wholesaler, distributor and importer of LEDcandles and LEDlights with emphases on a simulation of a real flame.

By using a technology based on LEDs, a flame or fire is created, even remotely indistinguishable from the real flame. The products are carefully selected and based on feedback from our customers, together with the manufacturers, we investigate how we can offer even better quality and possibilities.

The LEDcandles are made of real wax and burn like a traditional candle, only without the risk of fire or contamination.  The are several variants in the flame effect, from a moving flame to a flame in 3D.

Some candles are also available in plastic, especially for outdoor use. In addition to the LED funeral candles, we can offer you also paraffin candles, candles of special quality with burning hours of up to 14 days. Even with a Solar system.
And especially for churches and quit space for reflection, our RELIGI electronic candle stand.

The FIRELAMP ™ is a patented, high quality LED lamp with extremely realistic Fire simulation. The LEDs are programmed to simulate a realistic flame, are energy-efficient, with E14 an E17 fittings and are very suitable for decorative and atmospheric lighting, both indoors and outdoors