Like a real flame

Decoration candles

LEDcandles with the effect of a real flame, with a technology that works on the basis of an LED and creates a simulated flame.
For a fire-safe indoor decoration, indifferent types of wax and working on batteries or electricity.
With “ON” and “OFF” switch and with TIMER and REMOTE CONTROL.

Candled – Luxury LEDcandle

These beautiful LED luxury candles are made from real wax making them hard to distinguish from traditional candles.   The light output is virtually identical to a real candle, creating a beautiful warm fire glow, around the room. Handmade / Made in Devon (UK)    




SimuFlame ™ :

led candles with a realistic 3D simulation flame






MovinFlame ™ :

Wax candles with a real moving flame, it burns like a traditional flame and, hard to distinguish from a real burning candle.





Outdoor MovinFlame :

candle in artificial material , special for outdoors



Funeral candles :

All Saints' Day" remains even in our region of Europe still a period in memory of our dearly departed.

Electronic Candles

Electronic funeral lights with built in -or replaceable batteries, with options up to 365 days of fire and in a sheath of PET-material



Vestina solar :

Vestina Solar is an ecological candle, powered with solar energy. Place it is a sunny location so that the large solar surface is exposed to sunlight for at least 4 hours a day. In this way the rechargeable battery is sufficiently charged and the candle can burn throught the night and in cloudy weather.

Paraffine candle

Candles in various forms of plastic (PET) cups and in different colors (ask for more information) and in which the paraffine is poured directly - light metal wind cover



Promo candles

 Candles with your message

With the use of paper cups for candles, endless possibilities of prints open up to play a decisive role in your personalized message for your commemoration meeting, your advertising event, your activity for a special moment, …..